Life doesnt get smily all the time
but your smile is all that i need to be happy
Seeing you is like a flowing river
one that keeps my steady stream alive
I have been indebted to your love ever since i met you

I have loved many but what i feel
for you is unique and special
It wakes me, crushes me and yet revives me
You are that angel i prayed for without knowing
and your presence is the blessing i deserve

I cant summon all the words to articulate the
accuracy of my love for you
Its priceless, golden and strong as you are,
shining, ever happy and delight to the soul
You will always be the queen i will choose even
if the wind blows me away and i am lost
and if i have to be found, I will be the happiest man
if i am found by the light of your love

Someone said Promises you cant keep are the best to make
Thus, I promise not to Love you always.
Only if you knew the depth of affection in me for you
You’ll realize that all i ever want in this life is you

You are special to me and Loved always