I find it difficult to ever cheat on my woman, because she isn’t just one woman to me.
Slight as a blade of grass, she sits on my knee, so she is my daughter.
At the same time she looks after me, so she is my mother.
She is beautiful and I admire her, so she is a star.
But she is also my lover and my geisha.
She looks after my house, so she is my housekeeper.
She helps me in work, so she is my secretary.
At the same time she directs me, so she is my manager.
She learns from me, so she is my pupil.
She instructs me on how to act, so she is my teacher.
As I am neurotic, she is my psychiatrist.
She backs me up, so she is my accomplice.
She tells me off, so she is my moral conscience.
And finally she is my faithful ally in life struggle.
So you see, she is everything I crave for.