No one told how it would happen
I never taught the script will play this way
But then, Its the best movie ever for me
I knew i was ready to play a role
what i didnt know was that i will be doing
it with the world best lady – you

There is always a silent prayer in erry man’s life
To find that which completes you
I dont care what they say
I have never felt this complete all my life
Thus Mrs Me..welcome permanently to our world
One where you rule as princess, and
One where i have the honour of being your Charming Prince

I was on the look out for a life partner
I met you and i saw someone i could Love
I knew you to see the best half of me
And now that i have loved you
I have seen the future i want to live in
with you by my side…as my baby,lover,wife, my all

Loving you is a testimony i want to make happen everyday…
I love you