I will give all this desire to you…
And only you,
As your kisses stoke a flame within,
This fervid urge must be filled
As my heart starts pounding from pleasure,
As your fingers run over my treasures,
And each touch,
Is hotter than the last.
The blazing fire within us,
Our tongues,
Finding one another,
As the flames of passion rise,
Coming over the two of us,
I lay back pleading without words,
Breathless with anticipation,
Anxious to fulfill these
X-rated feelings for you,

As I race my hips to greet your stare,
Beckoning as you enter me,
And then finally you grant me relief,
Unbending my being,
My feet upon your chest to brace us both,
As you thrust deep,
Inside again and again,
In almost rhythmic dance,
With each thrust the moans gets louder,
And louder…
Then finally coming
To the blazing fire,
A wonderful climax of love.